Reaching a nationwide network
Our products are integrated with our logistics network to create a recognisable regional presence.
Investing in nationwide distribution
Our countrywide distribution centres complement our broad reach and ensure constant supply.
Promoting manufacturing excellence
Using state-of-the art equipment, our products meet regional, cGMP and ISO 9001:2008 standards.
Sustainable and environmentally-friendly processes
Kiboko Group has a long-term growth model built on sustainable and ethical business practices.
Pioneering affordable healthcare nationwide
We are committed to our vision to produce drugs to lower the cost of healthcare in Uganda.

Business Prosperity

Trading in pharmaceutical products is one of core industry in Uganda‘s economy. As the manufacturers of pharmaceutical products are very few to cater the market demand, majority of demand was met through importation. This business is growing at a rapid pace with the growth of population and export potential to neighbour countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Sudan etc. Nonetheless the Government support by removal of taxes on imports of Pharmaceutical products, to sustain its policies of providing proper medication to people, also provided a vital support for its accelerating growth

  • Customer Support

    We prioritise the development of strong organisational and client relationships to ensure that that customers get the value and service they deserve and expect.

  • Infrastructure

    Our production facility is cGMP and ISO 9001:2008 certified. The building is illuminated by natural light, enabling sustainable production processes.

  • Quality Assurance

    Through our strong quality control systems and compliance record, we ensure the highest standards of product quality, and compliance and performance at our production facility.

  • Product Range

    Our product range includes Intravenous drugs, sterile injectibles, as well as various therapeutic segments, including ophthalmologic, optic and nasal.